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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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ante for parking where riders have to pay more starting today. that rain we are always telling you how desperately we need, is it on the way as of tonight. but before it arrives, conditions will change. the wind will pick up. it will turn cloudy. showers in the north bay by 10:00 p.m. this time tomorrow morning, wide spread rainen only the beginning. more on this in moments. beginning of your wednesday commute. more traffic than the holiday yesterday. also a big issue for the tri-valley, closure as approaching the dublin interchange. we'll sort that out coming up live look outside. halfway through the work week, overlooking san francisco from san bruno mountain. wednesday, november 12th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a quick look at your forecast
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now with metrologist christina loren. you've got to start somewhere, so rainfall on the way, huh? >> you've got to start something, start it now, right? temperatures are looking good, 5:00 straight up, and we are watching this storm system which, my friend, has maintained its organization which means that the chance of us getting rainfall at this time tomorrow looking quite promising. now, really, it's going to be dependent where you live in the big, beautiful bay area. as per usual, we are expecting the high totals in the north bay. overnight tonight. we really get that rain we need and this is the first of a series of storm systems. we will sort out what's to come. as we get into the next seven to ten days. could be a lot of rain. stick around for that forecast. but first, starting out with a traffic alert this wednesday morning. mike. >> good morning. not weather related, this is purely turkey related here. southbound 680, alcosta boulevard, off-ramp closed. why? video from the scene, overturned
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big rig, right in the middle. leaked 30 to 40 gallons of fuel. they have to pick up the rig as well. that carried 25,000 to 30,000 pounds of frozen turkey, heading over to costco. now the driver and the passenger, there are palestine nor -- there are minor injuries. alcosta boulevard not open until 6:30. that's the original estimate. bollinger canyon alternate. san ramon boulevard down to the area. you pass that, go past 850 and take -- 580 and take stone ridge. back to you guys. >> thank you. news that as parents you hope your kids never have to face. students at san leandro high school will show up to class this morning grieving the loss of a classmate killed in a hit-and-run crash. this happened last night as the teen was crossing at ashland and east 14th street in
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unincorporated san leandro. stephanie chuang live from san leandro. deputies are still looking for that driver this morning. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, sam. last check the driver still on the run. unclear how fast the driver was going in the 35-mile per hour don't because of the police pursuit was involved. we understand the victim is 14, where he was crossing the street here, witnesses say, speeding driver struck him, impact so great he flew into the air, landed by this bus stop where you see the stuffed animal, a turtle here, and a couple of candles lit here. at the scene, last night, investigators took away a scooter, presumably the victim's police say they first saw a reckless driver south of ashland but when the driver refused to pull over, they began a pursuit. later witnesses saw the car hit the boy, and they tried to flag down help. >> as soon as he got hit, i seen the police cars behind the car chasing him and it was maybe
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five cars and they kept going that direction. and i ran across the street and waved down the other police cars that were coming behind him. >> reporter: chp is investigating the collision while the alameda county sher f sheriff's office is conducting the criminal investigation. still looking for the driver of that car. investigators taking away everything they could from the scene but also looking for surveillance footage to help piece together what happened. friends saying that the victim was with other friends headed to a park when the tragedy happened. students at san lorenzo high school, there will be grief counselors available to students who need them. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we hope the healing process starts soon for the students and families. thank you. a warning from san mateo police, be on the lookout for a dangerous e-mail reporting a child predator in your neighborhood. if you get the e-mail, do not open the link inside. police say opening the link puts your password, user names and
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personal information at risk. the 4-year-old boy who fell down 200-foot cliff bodega bay in stable condition. a spokesperson for oakland children's hospital told the press democrat the boy's badly injured and has multiple broken bones. sebastian was throwing rocks into the ocean monday when he slipped over the edge. rescuers rapelled down the cliff, lifting him to safety. yesterday he had surgery on his leg and wrist, but his family tells us he's alert and thankfully feeling better. >> great news. 5:05. san jose police department has a drone, and now it wants to talk to citizens about how it may use it. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, explaining what they'll be talking about. >> reporter: the police department may get an earful as it talks to citizens about how it could use drones to help in crime fighting and that's because of how that drone came to be. back in august, the department
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now said it has acquired a drone but only after it was discovered. whatever the deputy chief now tonight plans to present to the neighborhood commission meeting tone, he may have to field questions about that. in august the department had to apologize for not seeking city council approval for asking for public feedback before buying the drone. the department sought federal funds to purchase the $7 million flying machine. tonight's meeting part of the outreach that the department promised in its apology in august. the department claims the drone could be valuable asset in bomb threat situations or areas that are too dangerous to send in officers blind. however, the american civil liberties union has said the drone could be abused, providing surveillance of citizens without warrant. tonight, the public is welcome
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to attend. the drone has not taken flight but coming up in a half hour, we'll talk about nonpolice drones that have been spotted in downtown san jose, perhaps spying on residents there. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." crews will pump poison into a san francisco lake this morning, in hopes of killing off self-species of invasive fish. talking about mountain lake, it's a four-acre pond where people have dumped former pet goal fish, bass and sturgeon. they've done everything they can to try to get rid of the fish humanely but nothing has worked so they plan to drop 47 gallons of a cocktail of poisons into the lake. the poison should dissolve within a couple of days but the area will be fenced off and guarded for three weeks as a precaution. happening right now, a national fascination, washing machine sized spacecraft, 220
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pounds, just hours away from making a historic landing on a comet 300 million miles away. >> imagine planning all of that. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in the east bay where workers will gather for a watch party. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is unprecedented for us humans to land an object on to a comet. the descent from rosetta, the spacecraft, taking place now. what's descending is this lander, within the next 2 1/2 hours the idea is that it will ha land on those comet. a continue-year journey, took 4 billion mile of travel for this moment to come to fruition. and that comet is near mars, it's arou316 million miles.
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they have an active descend system. when the lander gets close to the comet, it boosts thrusters and keeps the comet -- keeps lander from bouncing off the comet. i have an astronomer. you have a model, it's 6 7-p. >> 67-p. >> reporter: would it ideally use thrusters to stay on the comet? >> the idea, as it comes down and lands on the comet, as soon as it makes contact, the structure would fire and force it down. now without that thruster, there's a greater chance it might bounce and potentially tip over. but they have other systems on there, harpoons and augers on the end. >> reporter: ice screws. >> right. >> reporter: the trick they don't want to land on a bowler or steep slope. >> right. >> reporter: because they could lose the lander. >> they could tip over the lander which would be a problem. >> reporter: insight?
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you think the harpoon will work? >> i do. i think it's going to work out well. they've picked out a landing site that is boulder-free. it might bounce a bit but the harpoons and augers will do the job. >> reporter: thank you. other astronomers, scientists, 100 people coming here at the top of the oakland him around 7:30 our time when the landing should be taking place, but give a sense the fact it's so far away, they're not going to know for just over 28 minutes when they got the signal back whether the landing's success. around 8:00 our time when we get the image, unprecedented thing that to have happen. hopefully it works. >> i think it's fascinating, engineering, planning. >> very delicate process, harpooning a comet. we'll be paying close attention.
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>> paying close attention to the forecast. meteorologist christina loren. a lot of other parts of the country getting hit hard by the cold. >> yeah, it's going to be cold. we'll be talking about it for the next couple of weeks, sam and laura. that's the big weather story. for us, we also have our own weather story and that is the fact that rain is on the way and we've got several systems to track which is good news. this time last year, that's what we were lacking, 59 degrees in livermore. 57 concord. 59 in beautiful san carlos, where we were socked in with fog mondayen yesterday wasn't bad. this morning, the same deal. we don't have the thick fog. too much atmosphere happening. that's because the storm system's coming in. ingredients for fog, clear skies and calm wind. so the wind this morning is keeping that fog from forming. 68 degrees in the south bay. 66 east shore. 64 degrees in san francisco. i'm going to show you the timing
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of our next storm system in my next report. a couple of turkeys out there on the roadway. mike's got a whole other scenario working this morning. >> here i am, on the roadway. yes, a whole different scenario, christina. 580, folks behaving nicely, westbound. tri-valley, coming out of the altamont pass, over toward livermore, dublin, easy flow. new crash, south 680 around sunol boulevard may have activity on the shoulder. i'll track that. the bigger issue, alcosta off-ramp closed by overturned truck carrying 25,000 pounds of frozen turkey. that's closed until least 6:30. use bollinger canyon road as off-ramp and take san ramon. the bay bridge toll plaza we have cash lanes open and no backup at the toll plaza, none to speak of except pausing for cash payers. 5:12.
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new details about robin williams' will. >> spreading out black friday. making it easier for everybody. take a look in business.
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we are learning new details this morning about the valuable estate left behind by robin williams. williams took his life in august, according to the daily mail, he left an estate worth
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$50 million to his three kids. that is according to a will filed last week. williams apparently set up the trust for his three adult kids in 2011. that will ensure financial support for his third wife and part of a prenup signed ahead of the wedding. walmart is spreading out black friday sales. scott mcgrew, super store not off, everything at once. >> maybe get rid of the scenes at door where everybody rushes in. walmart will start its sale with toys. that will happen on thanksgiving itself. but tvs regular price. after the toy sale, then tvs will go on sale, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. ali baba, the ipo a couple of weeks ago, sold more than 9 billion of american dollars of stuff for the chinese holiday singles day yesterday. that's way bigger than our black friday. and that's just one company. singles day inspired by yesterday's day, 11/11,
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originally for people to honor single people, sort of an ant anti-valentines day but stores co-oped the spirit of the holiday and turned it into a julia krass c krass consumer kind of thing. check with hampton pearson, good morning. >> scott, yeah, sure you can. futures are lower after stocks eked out gains in foot inle minutes of trading tuesday. the dow and s&p 500 closing in record highs again, the dow posting its first six-day winning streak since june. data later today on wholesale trade and earnings from a par of retailers, macy's and jcpenney. dow close at 17614. the nasdaq up nine points, closing at 4660. the highest level in more than 14 years for the nasdaq yesterday. have a great one. >> right there with me, appreciate it.
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sam and laura, remember monday talking about the problem where new android users couldn't get text messages on the phone because of a problem shutting down their old i messages at apple. that's officially before the court. a federal judge in san jose gave the go ahead to a previously filed lawsuit that said the problem violates california law. lawyers know the judge real well because it's lucy co, she heard landmark apple-samsung case, she heard the case where tech companies conspired to keep tech salaries low. we're lucky to have a judge who knows tech as well as she does. this will get adjudicated the right way. >> by the way, also not a bad excuse if you don't want to pay attention to someone -- sorry, switched. >> i didn't see that. >> you heard that thing about the news. >> i'll send people notes. >> they did not respond to the tech. >> more devious than anything we're capable of here. >> now we know.
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now we know. spying on the text. >> i would never ignore the likes of these two right here. good morning. >> i'll hold you to that. better be responding to every single one. it's a dangerous place when you're sam brock. temperatures looking good. it's chilly out there. 48 in santa rosa. look at difference down the road in san francisco. cross the golden gate bridge, yeah, san francisco able to absorb some of the heat yesterday. 60 degrees in the city versus 48 up in the north bay, pull out the coat across the board, temperatures chilly to start. we'll maintain cool conditions just about all day long with the storm system coming in and it's bringing in clouds with it as well. but still on the warm side of this system. back here you see spotty clouds, that's an indication of a cold air mass that will settle in after we get the rain and it arrives as of tonight. 68 degrees from the south bay. peninsula today, 66.
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before it gets here, intervals of sun and clouds becoming mostly cloudy by the end of the day. and yeah, mid-60s before that system gets here. see a nice temperature jump in the north bay today but that's where we are expecting showers to start up first. then as we head throughout the rest of the week, friday, saturday, and sunday temperatures are going to stay steady. we'll get a nice dry break before that storm window opens up for several days and it looks like we could get quite a bit of rainfall. so that's what we're talking about in my next report. first check on the drive. here's mike inouye. how's it looking? >> oakland, to start right now, it's looking fine. the traffic on the freeway itself not slowing. we'll show you the maps. oakland, north towards bay bridge, no issues. we have a couple of folks waiting for the cash lanes and that will build. upper east shore, across the richmond bridge, fine. san rafael, north bay side. now the issue one big issue, this is a big one for folks who want to use alcosta boulevard,
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you can't use the youch ramp from southbound 680. use bollinger canyon road. the reason why, i'll get out of the shot, video from the alcosta boulevard off-ramp, there's the big rig on its side. look at foreground, yeah, that puddle, that's 40 gallons of fuel that spilled. 25,000 pounds of frozen turkey in the back of the truck, still waiting on finding out what they can and will do with the turkeys. let's get back to the map. concerned about your commute. 6:30 alcosta will erope, bollinger canyon or stone ridge, that's your loop to get back on the northbound side and use alcosta from north 680. the bill toward the tri-valley nothing unusual. the rest of the bay at speed. starting this morning b.a.r.t. will charge a dollar per day for parking at its north concord martinez station. bart riders are have to pay for parking between 4:00 a.m. and
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3:00 p.m. to an investigative unit exclusive. may be more trouble ahead for the soon-to-be former president of the state. public utility commission. uncovers possible violations in state law that requires disclosure of more than $1 million requested from pg&e. inside an e-mail, a previously secret communication written by a high ranking executive inside pg&e. it's sparks an investigation by the u.s. attorney and attorney general. now another investigation for potentially breaking a state law. >> to me that shows you do me a favor, i'll do you a favor, let's scratch each other's backs. >> quid pro quo? >> absolutely. >> where's this going to en? >> i some heads are going to roll. >> the e-mail details request made by the president of the puc for more than a million in donations. asking why the required
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disclosure forms were never filed with the state, we investigate at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us 888-996-tips or e-mail us at the unit? al roker going for a world record. what he's trying to do now. how we're trying to help him. >> christina maybe will.
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the $500 million price tag to build a walking trail along the bay bridge is too much. administrators with the bay area toll authority say the price the two-mile long trail isn't going to happen now they want to come up with a more affordable way to build the trail. but exploring options will cost
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another $10 million. at a meeting tonight the toll authority will consider spending $10 million on an engineering study that will hopefully result in cheaper options for building a trail. >> that thing cost like -- >> brazilian artists hoping to set a world record for the largest sand casting. >> this sand castle, 40 feet tall, made of sand and water, took almost an entire week to put together. it requires a team of more than 15 artists and 20 truck loads to sand to build. measurements taken precisely yesterday. the results will not be in for a few days. in the meantime, the castle will be demolished by the end of the day. >> by kids, i hope, running towards them. today's show al roker's going for one of his own. starting 7:00 tonight, trying to do the longest, continuous weather cast eclipsing the
5:27 am
33-hour mark set by a norwegian forecaster. "today in the bay" will help al out. tomorrow morning, christina talking to him about the weather and his attempt. on friday, we'll let you know if he set that world record. you can follow al's record breaking attempt on twitter with #rokerthon. >> this is like the weather version of the filibuster in congress. just keep talking. >> more pleasant. 5:27. marissa mayer on the hot seat. investors trying to oust her as ceo.
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students at an east bay high school return to class with heavy hearts. a classmate killed by a pedding car and authorities still searching for the driver. historic event moments away. a spacecraft getting close to landing on a moving comet. an event many people here in the bay area watching closely. live report is next. and we're watching your forecast closely this morning,
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expecting showers by the end of the day into the evening. but will turn cloudy first. showers arrive in the north bias we head throughout the morning hours tomorrow, tracking widespread rainfall and it's only the beginning. lots of rain on the way. we'll show you what we're thinking scientifically in moments. >> not rain but turkeys on the road. i'll explain that coming up in tri-valley, closure hour, this will affect possibly all morning's commute, coming up. a live look outside, this from one of our favorite vantage points, san bruno mountaintops. a look at the bay. in store for nice weather and maybe rain. wednesday, november 12th, you're watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the unthinkable, this morning
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grief counselors a. at san lorenzo following a hit-and-run crash that took the life of a young student. that teen hit while crossing the street at ashland and east 14th in unincorporated san leandro. that's where we fine "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us live from san leandro. do authorities have a beat on the driver? >> reporter: you know, last check, good morning to you, first of all, investigators are still trying to fine that driver of the hit-and-run that claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy. joining me a father, whose son was here when this happened. good morning, omar. tell me what you saw. >> we were trying to make a right on 14th street and slowing down to turn the vehicle behind us was going high velocity, pulled over so she wouldn't get
5:32 am
hit and the car skimmed the car, it went around us, made a right, came down and that's when the incident happened. when we turned around, we -- we turned on the 14th street, we see this lady yelling for help. so we pulled over quick. >> reporter: that's when you saw a scooter in the middle of the road. >> middle of the road. the police officer was still chasing the vehicle. my lady got out of the vehicle and she got out of vehicle and stood in the middle of the road and yelled for the over to stop to see the person on the floor. >> reporter: your wife is trying to get the attention of the deputies and finally they did stop. you came out here this morning, telling me you're the father of five kids. you saw the boy? >> the reason i came back here, for the family, my condolences goes to them for everything. i came out here, just to say a quick prayer for him and that's
5:33 am
about it. >> reporter: omar, a lot to see. thank you for joining us and telling us what happened. again, 14-year-old boy, a student at san lorenzo high school, grief counselors on hand to help those who need counselors. we are in unincorporate san leandro live from here. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> tragic news. thank you. 5:33. driver who hit and killed an elderly woman in san jose yesterday is now facing dui charges. it happened after 4:00 yesterday afternoon on south king road and barbarry lane. the victim a 74-year-old woman who was on her way to the laundromat when hit in the crosswalk. the driver remained at the scene. then taken to the hospital for chest pains. later, police announced charged with driving under the influence. state of california will not be reviewing election proceedings in santa clara count tip the county asked for an
5:34 am
independent review of election day procedures, this the day before the election when the i.t. manager quit, leading to speculation about the election process. santa clara the slowest county in the state to release election results. however, the palo alto weekly reports that the state's fully confident the election day results do not require an independent review. 5:34. big yahoo! shareholders working to push marissa mayer out as ceo. scott mcgrew joins us now. taking an interesting route to try to get rid of her. >> there's a report that says yahoo! is reaching out to aol to explore the possibility of a merger. now what they're looking for is this guy, al ceo tim armstrong's to run the company armstrong is on board with the idea but downplaying any chances are going to get done. meyers has made investors money sense she took over in 2012, stocks tripled in ta time
5:35 am
period. this is about ali baba, the yahoo! made a smart investment in alli baba many years ago and paying off handsomely. >> which is great to know. she had been doing a good job, everybody touting her as a female leader. >> is yahoo! growing in the same way that google or facebook or young start-up is? yahoo! is a very old company. >> right. >> it may be done growing but they bought bright roll a couple of hours ago for $640 million, just video, it brings ads to your computers. and she can grow it by buying companies but can yahoo! grow the way a ral start-up does? that remains to be scene. >> intrigue grows, thank you, guys. al roker is going right now for the longest weather cast in
5:36 am
the history of weather casting. christina will help him out. she's got her hands full with a couple of systems. >> good morning. it's going to be the perfect collision of two storms as we meet here tomorrow going live with al roker. you know me, i'm going to prepare a few things before i speak to my good friend roquer. we'll be live for the roqrokert. i love the way the storm system looks. this system here is kaepernicking, i love it that much. a quarter to maybe an inch of rainfall. 68 degrees in the south bay. before it gets here, a beautiful day ahead. 66 on the peninsula. 66 degrees on the east shore. temperatures are going to stay steady but that rain moves in, and we've got a series of storms. i'll time out the first one coming up in a few moments of
5:37 am
enseen a storm kaepernick before? that's the question. >> storm kaepernick? i've don't know. i've seen this before and that before. there's the gun show. i don't flow about the storms going on. roadways, i want to show you, overall, things are looking calm here. no storm going on until a few hours here, talking about this evening things starting to change. look where there is a big issue. one big issue, san ramon, choppers overhead. and over on its side is this big rig. you see they've soaked up fuel that spilled. may have gone into the soil, may be a haz-mat situation. carrying 25,000 pounds of frozen turkeys. people in that cab, though, minor injuries. this has closed the alcosta boulevard off-ramp, that truck going the opposite direction, pulled over. may be offloading this truck to fill. that truck. that's the on-ramp. from alcosta to south 680 one lane blocked. activity continuing until 10:00 a.m., that's the update now.
5:38 am
back out to the maps. talking about this direction, which is affecting bollinger canyon road alternate. you can use that alcosta rauf ramp. if you pass that, past 580, loop around stone ridge, 680 or surface streets. the tri-valley, nothing unusual. bay bridge toll plaza, cash lanes stacking up. typical from oakland to san francisco. >> a maze-like scenario in dublin. thank you, mike. spacecraft headed towards two-mile wide comet preparing to make tricky robotic maneuver the first of its kind. >> unprecedented. bob redell watching that with the folks at the space and science center in oakland. bob, got your binoculars or what are you using over there? >> reporter: inside the planetarium here. within a half hour, 100 people, monitoring a live feed.
5:39 am
live feed from germany where the rosetta mission control is being run by the european space agency and if you want to take a look to your left, that's 67-p, a mock-up of the comet they're trying to land on. they've started the descent. they're using the rosetta spacecraft. if you can see that image, the tall, longer image is reset that, a smaller object below it, that's the lander. within the past few hours, the lander started the descent on to the comet surface. should be arriving in two hours, this is over 300 million miles away we won't get a signal around 8:00. gerald mckeaguen, astronomer, briefly, the system to help it land has failed they've got a plan b. >> there's three different elements to the landing system. the thruster on top of the lander, is not working. the idea of the thruster was as
5:40 am
it first makes contact on to the comet, it would -- the thruster would fire and push it on to the comet. >> reporter: so it doesn't bounce. >> so it doesn't bounce. now they have harpoons underneath the lander and augers that are on the end of the lander legs and those are going to have to do the job. >> reporter: briefly, how exciting is this for you as an astroner? >> misis great. comets represent the solar system. they're the material first part of the formation of the solar system. you've got primmive materials, primitive organic chemicals and this is a great opportunity to study that, learn about how our solar system formed. >> reporter: gerald, thank you. landing to take place in two hours. confirmation, hopefully, around 8:00, a half hour later. like here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> fascinating. 5:40, president forging a landmark deal with china.
5:41 am
san jose police department is holding a meeting to talk about its new drone. silent night not so silent? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. where you'll find our lowest price ever on the c4 queen mattress-just $1499.98. ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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billed as a major breakthrough in u.s.-china relations. president obama and the chinese president held a rare joint news conference in beijing today. together announcing a landmark new deal to cut greenhouse gas emission and announced new military and trade agreements that will likely boost cooperation between the two powers. back here at home, congress returns to work after the midterm election. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. what's first on the agenda? >> the budget and making sure it doesn't run out by december 11th. no government shutdown. republicans promised that won't happen. negotiations under way but they only have a few weeks to get this donnan then they are needing to approve money to
5:44 am
fight isis, billions of dollars for ebola, billions of dollars for immigrant children who have come into the country without their parents. all of those things still on the table. along with a lot of nominations. democrats want to try to get nominations done before republicans take over in january, including loretta lynch for attorney general. and there's the keystone xl pipeline that democrats may end up voting for first in the senate because they think it would help mary landrieu, their colleague fighting foreher seat, facing a run-off in louisiana. >> politics, got to love it. thanks a lot. >> some do. 5:44. new ground here, the city on the east coast, a city, could be the first in the country to ban cigarettes and chewing tobacco. health officials in westminster, massachusetts, will hear from the public about a proposal making it illegal to buy or sell or use all tobacco products. the city did not plan on taking
5:45 am
public comment here. but leaders say city hall's gotten so many calls on the subject, they decided to give people a place to speak their minds, supporters say change has to start somewhere. opponents on the other hand say small stores would be bearing the brunt of the ban and smokers would just go get cigarettes in the next town over instead of quitting, the intent of the move. parts of the midwest buried in snow, and the storm still going on. in michigan some areas buried in 25 inches of snow and it's expected to get worse. for many kids, that means snow day. but not the case for students at one private school in minnesota. the school providing laptops and tablets to students and teachers so lessons can be taught and taken from home. modern day. >> all of those childhood memories of not having to go to school when it snows really hard could be a thing of the past. can you imagine that? >> didn't you have to make them up at the end of the year
5:46 am
anyhow? >> if too many. >> really win anything? 5:45 now. taking you out live. we've got a good looking day shaping up. 55 degrees in san jose. 52 san martin, that's the story of the nation. the fact that they have that bitter cold potentially for a good 12 to 14 days. for us, talking about a storm system coming our way that could produce very generous rainfall totals. first arrives tonight. a nice dry break friday through sunday and then it gets active, according to everything that i've been looking at. i want to start with the live picture of san jose which you can see this morning nice and clear here. get into the afternoon, temperatures are going to be comfortable. as we get into about 12 to 2:00, that's when it's warm enough, mile enough for you to peel off that jacket. now as you continue on, throughout the remainder of the week, after we get through the
5:47 am
rain tonight into tomorrow, notice on the seven day we take away the rain icon for several days and by next week it gets very active. so we'll have more on that coming up in a minute. right now, want to take a look at your drive, bring in mike inouye. live chopper over the scene now, huh? >> we do, we do. start first with the bay bridge toll plaza, the biggest changes happen here because the metering lights are on right now. the backup fills in the entire toll plaza quickly happening over the last five minutes. now let's look at the map. standard flow of traffic through the maze and east shore freeway but the backup at toll plaza more significant than we saw yesterday with folks observing veterans day holiday. east shore and north bay moving smoothly. approaching the dublin interchange. this is what christina's talking been chopper overhead, that's alcosta boulevard, off-ramp, as i get a chance to set the scene, overturned big rig with 25,000 pounds of frozen turkey. there's the sand, kitty litter, soaking up a fuel spill.
5:48 am
checking for haz-mat for the soil. offloading, getting turkeys into the other truck which will take it away. i don't know what they'll do with the turkeys. everybody's concerned about the holiday season as talking about food banks that need turkeys as well. on-ramp, looks like temporarily blocked as well, on to southbound 680. head down possibly to 580 and take that back over out of the area. at the map, alcosta boulevard, close to 10:00, maybe 11:00. bollinger canyon road off-ramp. if you want, pass by it, then go through the dublin interchange, and take stone ridge drive back northbound to get off at alcosta. that build happens off the tri-valley. 580 and south 680, that's your pattern for the commute. we see that starting slow down. typical pattern towards sunol. north of the san mateo bridge no big drama exsent the bay bridge metering lights was backup. routes 101 and 87 showing typical pattern northbound
5:49 am
through san jose and toward the airport. there you go for the south bay. >> thank you. hopefully they'll find a good home for the turkeys on the road. drivers heading north of the peninsula will be noticing a change today, metering lights on highway 101 in san mateo will be activated between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. last week was a test run, metering lights set to solid green during commute hours to alert drivers the change was coming. >> today a judge may set a trial date for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. torres has pleaded not guilty to charge his kidnapped and killed the 15-year-old in 2012. hearing to set his trial date in september was postponed until today. lamar's hair found on a rope inside the trunk of torres' car and his dna was found on her clothing but her body has not been found. the case against suspended state senator leland yee could be moving forward today.
5:50 am
back in court as lawyers and a judge work to separate his indicate from other defendants also arrested in that fbi raid. yee faces various charges, including corruption, bribery, gun trafficking. arrested in march with chinatown gang remember raymond shrimp boy chow. former school board president keith jackson and others. thousands joining nurses on a something day of a two-day strike. thousands of nurses walked off the job yesterday at 21 northern california hospitals and 35 clinics. nurses say kaiser's taking insufficient ebola precautions. today, more nurses all over california, 14 other states take it to support the -- will picket to support the claims. kaiser calls it a tactic in ongoing contract negotiations. the biggest rallies planned for downtown oakland. kaiser says its facilities will remain open but some elected procedure have been rescheduled. 5:50 on your wednesday.
5:51 am
topic that makes most people's ears perk up. san jose police right now talking about drones. they will be talking about it tonight and how they plan on using them. "today in the bay's" chris sanchez with more on the meeting and what are concerns in the community. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. part of the concern is the concern over privacy. part is how the department came to have that drone in the first place. a lot of folks asking why they didn't know about it beforehand. whatever the deputy chief plans to present at that neighborhood commission meeting, he may have to field questions why the department wasn't more transparent when the department first acquired that drone. back then, in august, the department apologized for not seeking council approval or asking for public feedback before buying that unmanned plane. tonight's neighborhood commission meeting part of the outreach of the department promised in its apology in august. the department used a federal grant to buy $7,000 unmanned
5:52 am
flying machine which the department claims could be a valuable asset, particularly in bomb threat situations or areas too dangerous for officers to enter blind. the drone could be lent to other law enforcement agencies because it was bought with federal dollars. the american civil lib is it union has said the drones could be abused, providing surveillance of citizens without warrant. just last week residents of one of san jose's high-rises spotted hovering blinking lights outside condos between 9th and 13th floors. that was not a police drone but it does speak to the privacy issues. >> a camera blinking, that's how the gopros work. seeped like from pictures it was a gopro on that particular drone. >> reporter: that was not a police drone but speaks to the nature of the privacy concerns. neighborhood commission meeting planned for 6:30 tonight san
5:53 am
jose city hall, and the public is welcome. the sjpd says its drone has not taken flight, it's still grounded, so long as there are concerns with the community and the council. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> transpare. >> transparency important to people. a blast from the past. podcasting popular again. did it go away? getting huge audiences. >> that's right. some shows never did go away. the number one podcast in the world, sam. but i suspect young people don't realize this american life is a radio show. one of the producers, alex bloomberg, works on the excellent podcast called planet money, just raised $1.5 million to start his own podcast company, he's been doing a podcast about raising money to make a podcast company and that podcast is called start-up and it's very entertaining. meanwhile, another podcast
5:54 am
everybody's talking about and listening to is called serial, spin-off of this american life. follows the core case of this boy, convicted of killing his high school girlfriend. it is wildly popular. lots of people talking about. i'd like to give you facts like how many people listen to it and that kind of thing, i didn't want to look it up because i'm still in the middle of it and i don't know what happens and i'm terrified that i stumble across the spoiler, it's that good. >> i'll look it up for you and start -- >> don't tell me. >> provide no hints. >> we sit right by each other. we talk about everything. 5:54. probably wondering when this week are we going to see rain? much-needed rain. >> yeah. boy, we really need it. >> we do. she's been talking about it. good morning. >> good morning. no spoiler alert here. this is the news that you want. rain on the way, it's knocking on your door later this evening
5:55 am
up in the north bay expecting widespread showers overnight. before the storm arrives and we get the rain cooled air, temperatures will be able to rise to 68 degrees in the south bay today. 66 meanwhile on the east shore, 64 degrees in san francisco. we're going to show you timing of this next system and a couple more on its heels coming up in a little bit. right now, traffic alert on a wednesday morning. here's mike inouye. >> that's right. floating above the air, look, what we're showing chopper shot, over the off-ramp alcosta boulevard. this is why it's closed off south 68 on fuel spill, overturned truck, 25,000 pounds of frozen turkey. no major injuries but a problem until at least 10:00 a.m. the on-ramp affected but open, getting on so southbound 680 on to alcosta. talking about this area, freeway is open, bollinger canyon alternate for the morning. continue to track that. the traffic flow coming in off the fry valley and head toward
5:56 am
pleasanton and sunol, typical of south 680 and 880 slowing. metering lights on at bay bridge toll plaza. no surprise about that. and south bay starting to show build for 87 and 101 northbound. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:56. nba going it take another shot a pro game in mexico city. >> the timber wolfs will play the houston rockets. timberwolves trying to play the san antonio spurs last year but game called off after smoke started pouring out of the arena. nba's mexico director has taken stricter measures to prevent it happening again. last time the team played in mexico 1997. >> all of the professional sports, basketball the most international. good to see them expanding into mexico. garth brooks had a twitter account for one day and using to connect with fans in a big way. ♪ i ruined your hashtag affair >> catch a hashtag reference in
5:57 am
there? >> yep. >> brooks doing a twist on his "friends in low places" during a surprise concert in san francisco last night. how would you find out about the surprise concert? he invited everybody that followed him on twitter. brooks opened the twitter account yesterday. he has in one day more than 62,000 followers. that's power. >> right place, right time. scientists all over the world watching, waiting to see if a probe will successfully land on a moving comet. the latest details, next. as mike reported, a big rig overturned in the tri-valley, an update on when things could clear up, next. student killed by a hit-and-run driver trying to get away from deputies, what his classmates expect when they return to class this morning. ♪
5:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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right now at 6:00, a boy hit
6:00 am
and killed crossing a busy bay area street. now the search is on for the person behind the wheel. big rig chocked full of frozen turkeys overturns in the east bay. mike inouye has impact of the morning commute. moments away from space history. the first of its kind mission taking place as we speak. and we could be making history in terms of record rainfall. not yet but start up shower activity as of tonight. turn cloudy before the rain arrives, as we get into tomorrow showers and kick open the storm window. what that means for your pacific microclimate in moments. we have this closure over the tri-valley, all hands on turkeys, coming up shortly. the latest on the closure for the tri-valley and your commute. a holiday kind of mood? we are a few weeks away


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